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I sell enlargements of photos taken on Dartmoor in all its colours and moods.

If you are interested in seeing my work please contact me. I would be delighted to discuss any requests for photos. I supply various sizes mounted, framed and on foamex board.


"Around Ashburton" was the original project working on you will find them in 'Presence' East street. Since then I have done studies of Newton Abbott, South Brent and Dartmeet. I am currently doing studies of Chudleigh and The Edgemoor Hotel area. Each study takes longer than you expect to catch the different seasons and the moods of an area. I am always striving to catch the moor in different winds different colours and moods. Movement is a theme I try to capture.

Each year, I brave the elements and discovered the moor in sunshine and during storms, the tripod frequently tries to fly away!

     All the photos have the grid reference of where I stood to take the photo. I love exploring the moor and my photos are often off the beaten track. All accessible with stout walking shoes and Moorcare. I am developing leaflets of walks on the moor that may be circular, or in and out, when the views are so different when walking the other way, or 'phone a friend' walks, which need a car at both ends of the walk, to avoid the return trip back up the hill or a road walk.

Do you have a favourite spot on the moor?  Would you like to commission a photo of it in a different mood and or seasons? Triplicate scenes of the same site work well on boards.

A scene from Dartmoor can fit a space on your wall in your home, however small or large it is.

Jane Somerville Ashton MSc 


1.    Artworks, South Brent.                                      2.    The Devon Deli, Newton Abbot.  

3.    Bracken gallery, Chudleugh.                                4.    Pixieland, Dartmeet.

5.    Edgemoor Hotel, Bovey Tracy.                             6.    Presence, Ashburton.

7.    Georgeon Tea Rooms, Topsham

Dartmoor as it really is: different winds, different skies, different colours.