Dartmoor Sailor

About the product


  • I take photos of Dartmoor and the Devon Coastline.
  • They are processed by Alan Cooper Labs, Bishopsteignton.
  • The basic Greeting Cards were printed by Colourworks, the award winning environmentally friendly printers from Totnes.
  • The mounting and framing is done at Bracken Gallery, Chudleigh.
  • All the Greeting Cards are handmade at Hill Crest, Ashburton.

All small prints use Fujifilm system, and large prints are Epson....... and Foemex boards.

The photos are taken on a Nikon D700, D80 with various lenses and a P5000 when the weather is tough.

The paper used for Greeting Cards is certified to come from sustainable sources.

The mounts are conservation standard.

I will guarantee the enlarged photos for 30 years. I will replace like-with-like without question. I would advise you not to hang the pictures in direct sunlight.

The photo systems under the WIS test last 88 years plus.

To place an order please click on contact us or phone me on;  

Land Line               01364 654067        

Mobile                   07850 974 286         

I will use PayPal (when I get around to setting it up) so it couldn't be easier.

I have developed sets of 2 walk leaflets 'Lowlands and Highland', which I sell of Dartmeet.

I also product packs of 5 blank A6 cards....snow schenes this year.

History of project

Dartmoor Sailor was born in 2008. A gleam in my eye, for many years, from walking on Dartmoor with my family and our dog. I have looked at many pictures and photos, and somehow the pictures of Dartmoor for me don't quite do it. Its moods and colours aren't quiet there. My pictures may be no different; to capture that essence will be a lifetime's work, but I'm going to try.

I soon learnt that everyone sees the moor differently. The colours are so subtle, people's or human's eyes are different, so every photo is loved by someone. Please help me and look at the photos on this website and fill in the visitors form. Which are your favorite photos? This will help me understand the essence of the moor that is so difficult to define. If you can spare the time may I say 'Thank you' in advance.

It all started in earnest when I was asked by Zoe at Presence, gift shop in Ashburton, to take some photos of Ashburton, as visitors kept asking for them. Well I went out with my tripod and climbed up towers and walked fields. The town is a Medieval town and some of the pictures can be seen under 'Around Ashburton'. I will continue to build on this project over the years as I am sure there are more pictures in Ashburton than I have fingers.  The second project was to make some Greeting Cards for Birdline UK. The photos are all of Rescued Birds.

Next stop New Bridge, on The Dart. For me one of the most beautiful places in the world. The more you travel around the world the more you appreciate the understated beauty and natural peace that you find here. Other walks will be found in my portfolio. These projects are still under study. Each photo purchased shows the grid reference of where I stood to take the photo, and a brief description of the walk to get there. Happy walking and please follow The Country Code.

To actually capture a walk or place for me needs considerable time and patience. Different times of the day are essential, different seasons, different weather and different atmospheres. As a sailor I watch the clouds and the wind to predict the weather; this is my personal challenge, can I capture that weather as it ravages a lone tree, creates ponds where usually there are none, waterfalls that trickle in the dry season, but torrent after a long wet spell?

Please watch this website build and join in with the journey by giving me feedback.